Liqua Coils & Tanks

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  1. Atomizer For Liqua & Aramax Vaping Pen.

    Each atomizer is dry-burned and oven-cooked to deliver a 100% pure, fresh taste from the very first vape. Learn More
    ₦1,000.00 Price:
  2. Liqua Qube Atomizer

    Replacement high-powered coil for your Liqua Qube. Not compatible with the Liqua Q Vaping Pen. Learn More
    ₦1,300.00 Price:
  3. Liqua Replacement Clearomizer

    Beautifully designed clearomizer made of high quality plastic has a solid capacity of 2.0 ml and consists of a body, metal base and heating head. And except, the mouthpiece which is fixed the whole clearomizer can be dismantled and easily cleaned. Liqua Q clearomizer uses a completely new type of heating heads. These are dual, so there are two coils inside with a resistance of 2.0 ohm which ensure sufficient vapor production and great flavour. Thanks to classic eGo thread you can screw this clearomizer to any eGo battery. Learn More
    ₦3,500.00 Price:

3 Item(s)

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