Its funny, that cigarette is the only consumable with the warning, that you can die while smoking it.

Interesting isn't it that even with that warning, we still light up a stick? Aye, one thing must kill a man....

I am a handsome, tall dark man, 5ft 11. I started smoking from the young age of 17, yeah, I had to be cool like my mates. Now even when when I chose not to be cool, I could not "uncool" myself because the addiction has set in, etched deeply in my mental makeup I must smoke within 1 hour of waking up, I must smoke after eating... otherwise .....
At 32 years of age, I noticed I could not climb the stairs without almost collapsing. Running? almost impossible. You see Carbon monoxide in cigarettes reduces the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, brain and blood. This means the whole body—especially the heart—must work harder. Over time this causes airways to narrow and blood pressure to rise, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

The smoking has taken it's toll on me, but no heart attack no stroke yet, so I continued to smoke.
Fast forward to 35 years of age, I decided to quit. I tried various means, going cold turkey, nicotine patches etc. Did not work! At 38 years now, I quit completely with regular monitoring, a personal quit plan & smoking cessation kits.

I can now taste my Food
I can breathe well
I can climb the stairs like a young man.
I can Jog!
And most importantly, I can kiss my wife! ;)

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