How healthy is your EJuice?

With the current trend of vaping instead of smoking, a lot of ejuices have hit the market. But what is the source? How healthy are these ejuices? Are they the original juices or the fake?

Ejuices are consumables, just like the food you eat. It is important that as you quit smoking and get on with vaping; that you are actually vaping and not taking in the wrong stuff. 

Here are steps to help you determine how authentic your ejuice is:

  • Where do you buy from? This is the first thing you should consider. 
  • Is the company you buy from worth the risk?
  • Where does the company you buy from get their stock from? Is the company registered on the manufacture's website as their distributor?
  • What is the cost of the ejuice you buy? Is it outrageously cheaper than the price being sold internationally? Check authenticity, It should be a fake replica of the original ejuice.

Stay safe.

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